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Have you been to a buffet before? One of the unique selling points of buffet is, of course, all-you-can-eat!

The two major differences between a buffet and Langwords are: You get food at buffet but language services at Langwords. Needless to say, food is edible while our services are invaluable to your needs.

So, what do we do? Basically all you can think of when it’s related to languages. After all, we are Langwords!

Welcome to our all-you-can-think-of language services page!

7T Services

Need an origination service (copywriting) for your new launches? Can’t wait to let the world read your masterpiece (translation)? Seeking a better way to introduce your latest products to a different market and hoping it can be adapted adequately to its cultural context (transcreation)?

Hey (giving a virtual pat on your shoulder), we are here.


Transferring the meaning of the source language into target language to render the original text into its equivalents as faithfully and accurately as possible.


Representing spoken words (utterance, speech or sign language) in written form. Normally, the transcript will be used to create timed subtitles or closed captions.


Adapting the text from one language to another in order to make the content more culturally appropriate and creatively appealing for the target market. Transcreation is a copulative compound made up of Translation and Creation.


Translating verbally from one language into another with or without equipment. There are several modes and types of interpreting: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, sight translation, chuchotage (whispered interpreting) and over-the-phone interpreting (OPI).


Translating and customizing the original meaning from source language into target language in order to make the content native and local in character for the intended market.


Providing translations for spoken dialogues, on-screen texts and any other multimedia elements contained in the media files in target language to aid target audience’s understanding.


Creating informative content for a particular product, brand or campaign with marketing purposes to motivate the target audience to take desired actions.

Language+ Services

Well, it’s real simple: We go beyond languages.


Revising and amending an already-translated text against the source text with the intention of improving the quality of target content.


Examining and reviewing the target content for any other issues such as spelling, punctuation, formatting, visual consistencies and other aspects. This is normally the final step of a translation process.

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Creating and constructing digital documents while ensuring that the layouts, texts, images and other visual elements included are in the right place to achieve desired final appearance.

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) 

Editing and correcting machine translation output to obtain high-quality target content as produced by human translators.


Recording and replacing the original audio track with a different voice speaking in the target language to be in sync with the video image. Often rich in emotions, tones and nuances.

Voice over 

Adding a localized audio track to better communicate the message to a wider local audience. Often narrative in nature.

Audio recording 

Capturing speeches or utterances by using audio recording devices such as phone or recorders to record phrases, dialogues or scripts in target languages.

Language quality assurance (LQA) 

Evaluating the linguistic quality of a translated content following a set of pre-determined procedures and guidelines. A detailed report about all the identified errors will be included along with an overall summary for the evaluated text.

Game, website, software, application testing 

Running and checking the game, website, software or application in different platforms, operating systems and versions to detect localization defects, errors, glitches or bugs. A detailed error report will be included to show the steps of reproducing the bugs and other feedback about performance, functionality and usability.

Special+ Services

Can’t really find what you’re looking for here? Fret not, as long as it’s a language-specific project, we’re at your disposal!


Offering tailored language trainings to sharpen language skills and boost learner’s confidence when conversing in target language. Other trainings are available, please reach out to to elaborate your request.


Creating surveys for different purposes or helping to source for suitable responders to achieve particular business goals. For any other survey-related questions, kindly share them with

Equipment rental 

Lending any translation or interpreting equipments such as transmitter, interpreter’s console, headset and other tools for conferences, meetings or any events. For more information about this service, don't hesitate to contact

Many more! 

Looking for additional services? Feel free to leave a message to us at for your language needs.

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