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What is LQA and why is it important to your product?

Introduction #

LQA stands for Language Quality Assurance. It is a process of evaluating the linguistic quality of a translated content by following a set of pre-determined procedures and guidelines. A detailed report about all the identified errors will be included along with an overall summary for the evaluated text.

Normally, LQA is the last step in the localization process. The purpose of executing an LQA is to detect and eliminate all the “surviving” bugs, mistakes, mistranslations, malfunctions, issues and irregularities that might affect the user’s experience when using your application, software, game or website.

Note that LQA testers should be the native speakers of the target language. European and Brazilian Portuguese would have two different lines of LQA testers, instead of one. 

Importance of LQA #

Imagine if a user encounters an incorrect translation in “Billing” tab and chooses “auto-billing” instead of “manual billing”, and this critical error is never discovered until the user’s credit card is charged next month… 😱

Can you imagine that? The user would be displeased, if not dissatisfied, that goes without saying.

That’s why LQA is important, and you should never skip it.

To up your game (pun intended): Not just games, but also includes apps, software and websites. LQA can be seen as a rigorous review of your publish-ready work to free your product from any forms of errors.

To save everything: Righting the wrongs before everything goes live is always better. A lot of time, money and reputation can be saved from this one wise decision.

Conclusion #

You may assume editing and proofreading are sufficient to catch those errors, it’s not.

LQA doesn’t focus solely on the linguistic part, but also functionality, layouts and formatting.

An actionable report expounding the steps of reproduction will be attached for fixes implementation. A general comment will also be added in the report as the result of the evaluation.

A competent agency will separate LQA from TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) to realize a change of viewpoint and bring in new perspective. We know best.

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