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Introduction to Game localization

Definition of game localization #

Do you know that localization is the process of adapting a product or material for a specific place or market?

In video games, it means that your game (in and out) are all localized into the languages spoken by your fans globally. Game localization is a delicate but time-consuming process. It is a collaborative effort!

Translating and customizing the original meaning of the game from source language into target language for the intended market.

Importances of game localization #

A localized game stands a far higher chance to be noticed, wishlisted, bought, installed and played. Multiple language options encourage the users to click the Download button. The more players you attract, the more successful your game is going to be.

Speak one’s language, speak to one’s heart. Your localized title connects a lot better with the gaming community. Check out any games on Steam. See how the gamers would applaud the publishers and developers for bringing the game into their languages and how many would kill for a localized version of your game!

Professional localization can help your game enter new markets faster than ever. Even robots can be your fans. Kid you not! The global games market is estimated to surpass $200 billion by 2023 (Source: Newzoo).

Checklist before & during the game localizing #

Lockit #

✅ Short introduction of your game
✅ In-game texts
✅ Store page
✅ UIs and other text assets
✅ In-game screenshots for reference
✅ Style guide / Tone of voice requirement / Materials to cover the dos and don’ts of your project

Q&A Sheet #

Linguists are going to ask you lots of context questions. They are highly likely to be your first batch of players, too.

Delivery timeline #

Wouldn’t want to miss the launch date, right? ☺

Game localization can be a breeze.
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