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5 free, useful tricks to organize your Gmail

Introduction #

No one in the L10N world is going to deny the power of the Email, just like Gollum can’t resist the Ring. πŸ˜‰

Today, we gathered a few tricks about the most popular email service provider loved by many and came up with this post.

Check out the tricks below so you won’t get lost in the Middle-earth of your emails. πŸ§β€β™‚οΈπŸ§β€β™€οΈ

Tricks #

#1: Stars #

A starred email is always easier to notice and find. If you have any important emails or a to-do job, star it with the various star options Gmail provides to indicate the importance.

#2: Personal Level Indicators #

If you want to be able to identify personal emails and know if you are the only recipient, try out this feature. It will be reflected in your Gmail app after enabled.

#3: label:unread #

Still looking for that could-be-important-but-left-unread-somewhere email from the hundreds of emails you receive every day? Just use label:unread to locate it.

#4: Auto-Advance #

Can’t I advance automatically to the next email after archiving? Yes, you can.

#5: Priority Inbox #

I have my own priority, so do my inboxes.

Conclusion #

Email is the most important tool in our translation and localization industry. It’s like the surfboard to surfers to us.

The linguists use emails to send the deliverables, ask for clarification and receive the POs. The clients use emails to send the agreements, ask for your completed files and receive your invoices. We hope the above hacks can help you navigate the sea of emails of yours. 🌊

Going back and forth between emails to get a document translated can be tedious and exhausting, that’s why we are constantly improving ourselves and hoping to eliminate the manual workflow.

Some great stuff is coming soon… Stay tuned!

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