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3 Tips on Getting Professional, High-Quality Document Translation Services

Are you looking for a professional translation agency to get your documents translated but not sure where to start? Learn some useful tips here to understand how you can save cost, time and energy while getting high-quality document translation services!

Tip #1: Make sure the working linguists are not just native, but qualified. #

First things first, if someone is getting a document translated from one language into another, we would expect the target language is the translator’s native language. That’s just not enough. The translator should also be a qualified professional that is proficient in the source language (if the translator doesn’t understand the source text, how good the quality of the target text could be?), skilled at using the tools, knowledgeable in the subject-matter.

While different companies have different tactics in recruiting linguists, a professional translation agency will not shy away from communicating the way they enroll the linguists to their talent pool.

Visit the website of the translation company. See how they clarify the qualification process. You will have a better understanding on people who might be handling your documents.

Tip #2: You can actually save money but be careful of the too-good-to-be-true promises. #

Imagine you have a 30,000-word document, and you are offered at a very low quote with a super quick turnaround. Something is off – your document may be hastily and poorly translated, or worse, it’s not even translated by a human. Machines could be doing the job and you wouldn’t know because you don’t speak the language. Wasting money is not the biggest issue here, damaging your brand image is.

So, how do you save money at the same time ensuring the quality you get is nothing less?

Let’s say you are trying to get your grandmother’s letter translated into English, you may only need a translation step for this purpose. And you should only pay for this step. Not the subsequent steps such as editing, proofreading, desktop publishing or whatnots. You don’t need them. The selected translator from the reputable company will be qualified enough for this standalone step.

So, find that trustworthy translation company and have your request carefully analyzed. You should receive a detailed, transparent quote explaining what you are paying. And if you think there are unnecessary steps listed in the quote, inquire about that or negotiate to drop the extras. The project manager should be able to respond with a professional answer that works best for your request.

Tip #3: Check out if you are entitled for complimentary revisions. #

At times, there may be hiccups in the projects and you want something to be revised. Complimentary revisions give you not only the assurance, but also flexibility and happiness – because the best things in life are free!

These are the 3 insider tips on how to get a high-quality document translation service for your business or personal use. It’s clear that when choosing your translation partner, you should choose the one with experiences, skills and knowledge.

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