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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling Puzzled?

Not sure where or how to start?
Don’t panic, we’ve got your back!

From the beginning to the end, the whole process can be summarized into 7 steps.

  1. We receive your query.
  2. We analyze your linguistic needs and come up with a personalized solution. (Completely FOC!)
  3. We wait for your green-light or negotiate the pain points (if any) with you.
  4. We implement the agreed language solution.
  5. We constantly report back to you about the progress made so far and answer any questions you may have.
  6. We deliver the completed project.
  7. We continue to reply to your inquiries and are ready to provide any post-delivery support for you (subject to project details).

As a language service provider, we offer more than 10 types of services and each service is priced differently. The price will be depending on the types of projects, selection of language combinations, volume of content, complexity of topics, areas of subject matter, urgency of delivery dates and any additional requirements from the client.

Don’t worry, we always list out the complete pricing details when you ask for a quote. You know what you buy, and you get what you pay for (and probably more)!

Working with a company like Langwords which is located outside of your country may cause inconvenience when it comes to payment.

We hear you.

For that, we are glad to inform you that we have made this process as hassle-free as possible.

Not only do we accept Bank Transfer now, but also Credit Card and International ACH Transfer. For small payment projects, kindly reach out to us to find out more payment methods!

We understand that all information and materials provided by the client are strictly confidential. Therefore, we will not share them with or disclose them to any third party without your permission.

All of our staff, linguists and partners are working under NDA. As an extra precaution, our server supports secure data transfer to ensure your files are encrypted.

However, if you have any questions or additional requirements, we would be more than happy to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We do the work, you do the pleasure.

Oh, no! We are sorry to hear that our services are not up to par.

If you are not satisfied with our quality, you can always contact the respective dedicated project manager or write to to let us know about the issue. We do provide post-delivery support (subject to project details), so feel free to contact us anytime!

If our services are still disappointing after that, we would discuss a desired solution with you and that might involve hiring a third party to assess and evaluate our work.

Fun Fact: We have not received a single complaint from our clients since established. We take great pride in what we do!

First of all, apologies for that!

Secondly, please email to, our support team would definitely love to hear from you! Or, even simpler: Just click here and shoot us a message!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Hello there, thank you for your interest! We are excited to know you are interested in becoming our partner!

We always welcome talented partners like you to be a part of Langwords family. We are now hiring freelance linguists, testers, designers and developers for our upcoming projects.

Ready to start your adventure with Langwords? Please send an email to and provide all the relevant details. Talk soon!